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Materials provided by customer:
1. 4.06 mm x 4.16 mm x 2.69 mm deep and 4.09 x 4.15 x 2.8 mm deep indicolite blue green tourmalines removed from center of gold earrings.
2. Two Seafoam Green Tourmaline cushions, total carat weight 1.87 carats, that are approximately 7.07 x 5.13 x 3.78 mm and 7.05 x 5.06 x 3.65 mm

Materials included in this custom job:
Eight 1.4 mm VVS FG color diamonds with an approximate total weight of .08 carats
Two 14k white gold horse show leaver backs (Stuller earring component #24854)
CAD for two middle components in 14k white gold that will each hold an indicolite squares and 4 diamonds. Wax for approval included.
Two baskets perfectly fitted for the seafoam tourmalines

-Bright finish 14k white gold with rhodium plate
-Earrings dangle so there with a dangle joint from the lever back component and a dangle joint between the middle component and the seafoam tourmaline basket
0he indicolite in the center component has a small bezel around it with attach points via the diamond baskets.
-The diamond baskets are the attach point to the outer frame of the center component with the diamonds should be as invisibly set as possible. —–Negative space between the outer frame and the bezel holding the tourmaline.
-Earrings are approximately 29.8 mm tall and 15.75 mm wide

Labor and expenses
– Remove tourmalines from customer’s earrings
– CAD design
– Wax and Wax Shipping
– Finish CAD components
– Set 4 tourmalines
– Set 8 diamonds
– Solder jump rings between components